Emma MacKenzie, Tarot Reader & Spiritual Coach

Emma Mackenzie Tarot Readerfiligree Greetings, friends! I am delighted to be part of the Spiritually Rooted community. I have been on a spiritual path since childhood; initially educated in the Jewish traditions, as I grew older I reached out to study religions and spiritual practices from around the world and back through time. My goal has been to develop a personal, non-mediated relationship with the Essence of Life. Through the practices of meditation, contemplation, and affirmative prayer, I nourish and grow this relationship which in turns nurtures me so that I can grow more deeply into who I am.

I spent many years studying and practicing healing arts and am a Reiki Master and massage therapist. I have apprenticed with herbalists, aromatherapists, and Bach Flower practitioners. In addition to Tarot, I’ve studied and practiced the symbol systems of runes, western astrology, Mahabote (Burmese astrology), and I Ching. I am trained in a wide variety of meditation practices including mindfulness, metta, pranayama (breathing), yoga, qi gong, chanting, guided meditations,and self-hypnosis.

My formal education was initially in psychology, I worked as a crisis counselor and drug education counselor and began a master’s program in social work, but realized I needed more life experience of my own. I have a M.Sci. in Technical Communication and did a year of PhD studies in Communication Theory. My career has spanned agricultural, corporate, environmental, government, high tech, higher education, legal, non-profit, and small business sectors. I consider myself a guide and mentor to my clients, I listen deeply to your words and allow my all my training and my intuitive skills to guide us toward helping you resolve any challenges you might face.


I have been reading Tarot for 35 years, including 8 years studying with a Tarot master in western Massachusetts. I never fail to find wisdom in the cards for myself and for my clients. Whether you are looking to make a decision, choose from many opportunities, understand a situation, or gain deeper insight into yourself, a tarot reading is a powerful tool. You can book your session with me on the calendar page or by calling (716) 262-2897.

Disclaimer: prediction comes from the same root word as predicament. I do not do predictive readings of the future. I focus on what’s going on right here and right now so that you can make the best choices from a place of understanding and empowerment.


Spiritual Coaching

A long-term client recently explained why she works with me, “You are a gentle and powerful guide into exploring my life. I feel completely safe to be myself and to expose my difficulties. I trust you to help me find my way.” The foundational belief of coaching is that you have the inner wisdom to meet the challenges of your life and to flourish. My spiritual practices have led me to understand that it is the partnership between you and your Wise Self that allows you to access that wisdom and grow into the person you want to be. Whether it’s one session or many months of work together, I use all the skills that I’ve developed over my lifetime to assist you. You can book your session with me on the calendar page or by calling (716) 262-2897.

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