Reverend Kathleen Boldt, Psychic Medium
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Reverend Kathleen Boldt is a born sensitive. Before working as a full-time professional Psychic Medium, Kathleen was “cross-training” as an elementary school teacher, dancer and artist. Through these experiences, she has honed her empathic, intuitive, visual, auditory and interpersonal skills. Her passion for following the spiritual thread in all things led her to become Ordained (“Minister
of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy”) after a formal two-year intensive metaphysical and ministerial training as ordained through the “Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy,” church located near
Lily Dale NY.

Reverend Kathleen has made guest appearances on radio and television programs and has held support staff positions at “Fellowships of the Spirit” school trainings and events. She has served as a guest medium in the Spiritualist community at Lily Dale and has travelled throughout Canada and the U.S.A. demonstrating mediumship and psychic insight for special events, parties and public psychic fairs.


Mediumship and Psychic Services

Any session with Reverend Kathleen upholds and respects the individual’s free will and power to make choices for themselves. Whether a client is coming for a Medium, Psychic or Psychic Medium session, Kathleen’s sessions are a customized bridge to greater understanding, filled with intuitive information that supports a client in in their connection to a deeper experience of love, life and living.


The Mediumship Session: In a mediumship session, Reverend Kathleen includes factual evidence and loving conversational elements. Information brought forward may come from deceased loved-ones, spirit guides, angels, or master teachers.


The Psychic Session: A psychic session focuses on the client. Reverend Kathleen combines her spiritual guidance and her comprehensive knowledge of symbolic meaning to respond to client questions and concerns. Topics may include responses to the themes of: family, partnerships, travel, work. Past life recall, and current life path, alternatives and options, may also be explored.


Classes and Training: Reverend Kathleen has taught classes on intuition and mediumship in western and central New York State as well as Southern Ontario Canada. Her classes are structured to provide intellectual and hands-on education for the student.

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