Rev, Dr. Pamela M. Bruns

Pam Brunsfiligree I’m Dr. Pamela M. Bruns, a medium/spiritual counselor in the Buffalo, NY area. I have been blessed to be professionally serving spirit for the past 10 years via readings, spiritual counseling, life coaching, and facilitating church services.

Spirit gives me accessto information I learned in past lives, something I call "self-remembering," which is tied my mediumship. My channeling works best when I am asked direct questions about life, from there I open the channel to spirit and hold communion. I literally just start talking and the answer shows up somewhere in that conversation.


Working with and serving spirit has been quite a journey for me; I didn't even realize I had this gift until about ten years ago! I just thought I was blessed with potent luck, as I felt my path always led me where I needed to be. I didn't realize during all of those years that my intuition was guiding me. Sometimes I was even scared of my intuition; I wondered where it came from and what qualified me to have the otherwordly information I was given. I went through what I call a "super student" phase because of this uncertainty. I strove to learn as much as I could in a formal sense, eventually completing a BA in Communication and Psychology and an MS in Executive Leadership and Change. I was determined to prove that I should have this information, and maybe even trying to convince myself that it had worldly origins. I focused on academia and business, but my spirit wanted more attention. I began working toward a PhD in Communication, but after 55 credit hours I left the program because I realized I was only doing this work because I felt I was supposed to. Realizing that academia and business were boring me more than fulfilling me led to the beginning of my spiritual journey. I started developing my gifts and found a comfort and sense of belonging that was lacking in previous ventures. It was part of my purpose to serve spirit and help others.


I also started academia over, this time at University of Sedona. I completed my PhD in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology. It was a perfect fit for the new direction my life had taken. I no longer needed to prove that I deserved the knowledge my intuition offered -- I had, instead, come to accept and embrace the fact that spirit chose to talk to me.


In May of 2012 I decided it was time to merge my business skills with my spirituality, so I opened Spiritually Rooted, a New Age Metaphysical Center. We currently have 2 locations, North Tonawanda and Lewiston, and we are actively looking for our third.  We offer everything spiritual, no matter your belief system we will have something for you. We host classes, seminars, readings, healings, massage and so much more.  We also run a mini cat rescue out of our North Tonawanda store.  I’ve been foster kittens for 18 years and the store has allowed me to do it on a grand scale.  I hope you find “The Root” a safe, welcoming and positive place to visit. Bring your furry kids for readings and healings as well! I look forward to meeting you at the store!


- Pamela

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