Rev, Dr. Pamela M. Bruns

Pam Brunsfiligree I’m Dr. Pamela M. Bruns. I’m a medium/spiritual counselor in the Buffalo, NY area. I have been blessed to be professionally serving spirit for the past 10 years via readings, spiritual counseling, life coaching and facilitating church service. While I’ve always had the gift, I didn’t recognize it and didn’t start knowingly using it until 10 years ago. I used to think I was just “lucky” little did I know I was just using my intuition to help guide me. I had no idea, but I had been channeling spirit my entire life.  I used to know things I didn’t know how or why I knew them.  It used to create fear in me because I felt people would accuse me of not being qualified to know what I knew.  This created what I call the super student phase of my life.  I was a straight A student and worked tirelessly to impress people with my knowledge.  However, when I would complete formal education, new information was being downloaded from spirit and I would be scared again. 


The first part of my life was focused on success, both academically as well as in business. I received a BA in Communication and Psychology as well as a MS in Executive Leadership and Change. I also completed 55 credit hours toward a Ph.D. in Communication. I didn’t complete that Ph.D. as I was only doing it because I was supposed to, it didn’t feel right but at the time I didn’t understand why. I worked my way up the corporate ladder very quickly and just as quickly became bored, and decided to quit my job to start my own Consulting Business. It was during this time that I began my spiritual journey. I began to develop my spiritual gifts and found it to be very comfortable and enjoyed being able to serve spirit and help people at the same time. I always wanted to finish my Ph.D. but the program just didn’t feel right, so I started over at the University of Sedona where I completed my Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology. It was a perfect fit for my new direction in life I no longer needed degrees or vocabulary justify what I knew.  I have now come to accept and embrace the fact that am just told things from spirit.


My channeling works best when I am asked questions about life.  I will have no idea what the answer is, I’ll just start talking and in the middle the answer shows up.  I currently working on skipping the chatting and connecting directly with spirit as soon as the question is asked.  I began working with Kurt Leland over a year ago and his sessions have helped me significantly to understand what exactly the process is that I’m using and helping me to refine it.  I’ve always done it without knowing what I was doing so I had created many work arounds and Kurt is helping me to become more efficient. I use a process of self-remembering when spirit gives me access to information I learned in past lives.   It’s very strange, I can be introduced to something, find it very interesting and then quickly become what seems like disinterested in it.  It’s not that I’m disinterested it’s that I realize I already know it.  I’m able to remember the energy behind the topic and then I don’t need to study it anymore.  In fact I find it very hard to even read books on certain topics.  I get a few chapters in and I already know what’s going on, I understand the topic energetically and I don’t finish the book.  I might not know the terms and vocabulary of it to be able to lecture on it per say, but I know the energy and I can provide concrete examples and analogies to describe it in ways that are very helpful to people.  Back in my hyper student days, I would have engrossed myself in the study, I would have learned all the terms and the ins and outs so people wouldn’t judge me but I no longer feel that need.  I’m confident in what I know and I’m ok without knowing the specifics as long as I get the energy and can provide people with the examples and analogies that are meaningful in their lives.  I find many people can spout off vocabulary they learned in a book but can’t apply it.  I’m the opposite.  I can apply it but not give as much theory.  I still struggle with the inner validation of all of this as my early background was so rooted in facts and documentation but everything is an adventure!

Business is something that I just do well.  I always have.  I am currently operating four different companies and enjoy the diversity.


In May of 2012 I decided it was time to merge my business skills with my spirituality and I opened Spiritually Rooted, a New Age Metaphysical Center to serve the community. We currently have 2 locations, North Tonawanda and Lewiston and are actively looking for our third.  We offer everything spiritual, no matter your belief system we will have something for you. We offer classes, seminars, readings, healings, massage and so much more.  We also run a mini cat rescue out of our North Tonawanda store.  I’ve been foster kittens for 18 years and the store has allowed me to do it on a grand scale.  I hope you find “The Root” a safe, welcoming and positive place to visit. Bring your furry kids for readings and healings as well! I look forward to meeting you at the store!


 - Pamela

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