Lifelong Learners w/ Rev. Dr. Pam Bruns
Pam Bruns Embracing Change on Every Level of Life

filigree The only thing constant in life is change and the resistance of that change can cause suffering. You can’t avoid the changes but if you can learn to move through it with ease, suffering can be minimized or eliminated altogether. This is a course where we explore techniques for handling life’s ups and downs. It’s about becoming a lifetime learner of life so no matter what change is put in front of you, you have the skills needed to move through it.

This is a highly specialized class for people truly ready to face where they are at in life and where they are going. While learning these teachings may be the hardest things you do, once you establish the patterns, all future challenges will seem less daunting. The challenges faced in life are on every plane of existence be it spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical; and we will work to overcome these challenges. Due to the sensitivity of topics discussed with each individual’s life, any interested participants are encouraged to contact us for a discussion to determine the compatibility with the class and its participants.

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