Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling
filigree Spiritually Rooted, Dr. Pamela M. Bruns provides private Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching services to all people seeking change in their lives and or guidance and advice about particular problems or issues. We are open to adults of all faiths and pride ourselves in providing quality, compassionate counseling that serves to enrich the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Our approach focuses on not just the issue at hand, but also focuses on the whole person, their spirit, and their complete emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing in order to promote optimal emotional health, balance, harmony, peace, and clarity within. No issue is ever too trivial or shameful to discuss. Any and all problems and issues are professionally and discretely welcomed.

Spiritually Rooted provides a wide range of Counseling and Life Coaching services and programs including:

Counseling Services

Life Coaching

Spiritual Growth
Self-Healing and Changing Your Life
Stress Management and Relaxation
Intuitive Dream Interpretation

Life Coaching is a very powerful life examination and therapeutic process where individuals work privately in one-on-one sessions with a professionally qualified Life Coach who works with that individual towards improving their life and living the peaceful, balanced, and harmonious life that they deserve.

Our Spiritual Growth sessions are each uniquely designed to help individuals evolve into their true selves in every aspect of their being (mind, body, and spirit). Our Spiritual Growth approach focuses on various aspects of our lives including:

In our Spiritual Growth sessions, we analyze our lives to examine and figure out who we really are, what we want to do to create complete happiness in our mind, body, and spirit; and what tangible steps we need to take to elevate ourselves to this particular goal of becoming the person we want to be spiritually, physically, and mentally. Sessions may include prayer, focusing on a higher divine power, in-depth life analysis, and other forms of spirituality based on the clients particular belief system.

At Spiritually Rooted, each individualized private session is focused on working towards creating the life that the individual desires, finding clarity in various aspects of our lives, and how to take the steps to make tangible beneficial changes to reach that goal.